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Restoring Love

Anna Cabrera

Preparing for motherhood catalyzed my journey into seeking health and wellbeing on all levels. 

I had the 
privilege of having a pain-free, ecstatic birth which opened my eyes to the potential (untapped in many of us, male and female) of experiencing life through a background of bliss, empowerment, deep safety and passing through challenging situations with a sense of triumph and joy.


Over the last couple of decades, I have participated and trained in many healing modalities including:


Functional medicine


Somatic trauma release


Attachment and bonding (best practices with children, and healing your own patterns now)


Compassionate Communication


John Gottman's marriage counseling and parenting support


Harvey Karp's Happiest Baby on the Block (soothe an infant's crying within minutes and communicate lovingly and effectively with your toddler)


Gordon Neufeld - how to stay connected to your kids and manage parenting struggles


Family Constellations (epigenetics) -how patterns from your lineage can affect your personality, health issues, connection with your loved ones, job and every aspect of your life now


Ayurvedic diet and supplements


Various styles of meditation and yoga


Womb healing


Accessing Sacred Masculine and Feminine

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