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Embodied Meditation

I struggled for years to incorporate the healing power of meditation into my daily life and healing toolbox. I was stuck with a feeling of concern around many of the styles of meditation being taught and a sense of potential harm in learning to ignore (silent witness) our mind/heart/body's communications. Along my journey, I have encountered many styles and types of meditation from Vipassana to healing through sound and Mantra, to Tantric and womb healing meditation (which include an awareness of our sexuality as sacred and part of our health and wellbeing).


Instead of pushing away or creating distance from overwhelming thoughts, feelings or memories, you can be supported to listen more deeply for the information or healing potential that is attempting to be communicated and to find a resource strong and loving enough to contain and come alongside any trauma or circumstance in life. You can be empowered to face any situation with a sense of grace, love, and ease.

In our current culture and lifestyle, many of us automatically embody a passive, neglectful stance towards our needs, our body, and our being. I am passionate about healing this! Meditation can be a powerful ally in altering our attitude and actively bringing love to ourselves, freeing us to respond to our innate wisdom, find inner stillness, ignite our creativity and passion, and radically transform our interaction with others.
 And to repair generations of neglect and abuse by repairing negative inner messages and attitudes with loving, supportive and life-serving beliefs.


Contact me to schedule a session or workshop. I look forward to supporting you on your unique journey!



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