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Family Constellations

Participate in a powerful and life-changing healing modality that can alter your way of perceiving your past, present, and future. When we come into life, we often arrive already weighed down with patterns from our mother, parents, and lineage. From the very beginning, we are affected by the stress levels of those around us, the availability or lack of support to process loss, grief and to access love and connection. The good news is that these patterns can be changed! Our true nature is to reach for love and be surrounded by a sense of safety, well-being and joy. 

With the support of a circle of participants, you can set up representatives for your family members, co-workers or issues (such as choosing between jobs or moving to different homes) and see beyond what your mind knows to the soul of the matter. When the truth is known, love naturally comes in to shift and restore flow.

This can also be done long distance using objects to represent.


If interested, contact me or check my events page for upcoming workshops.

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