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Holistic Health Support

Through the years on my own healing journey as well as supporting others, I have discovered many pieces of the puzzle that may be crucial to supporting health. In a group or individual sessions, depending on what is needed, we will look at any or all of these areas:


Supplements: how to weed out the bad ones, know what to look for to know which are good quality and how to discern which ones are right for you at any given time. 


Alternative supplements: An introductory overview of Chinese Herbs, Ayurvedic Medicine, Homeopathy, Herbs, Adaptogenics, and Detox support.


Diet: much of our current culture has lost wisdom and eating routines from ancestors and we may feel adrift in a sea of confusing or contradictory advice. And- diet is more than just the right nutrition. Eating is meant to be our primary and most easily available form of taking in love, nourishment, and a sense of abundance. How you eat (stressed or with pleasure and contentment) is as important as what you eat!


Touch and contact: many of us have experienced negative or harmful touch and connection. This can leave the heart aching, the body frozen or ready for combat, and prevent us from having our birthright of experiencing the beauty of safe, loving, nourishing connection. Untangling the love from the (perceived or remembered) danger, coming into presence in the current and now moment. Learning simple movements to calm the nervous system and bring a sense of openness and inner safety. And learning how to communicate a need for extra care when being touched, how to teach others to support your nervous system to settle and trust, and how to peacefully and powerfully express when boundaries have been crossed and make repairs. We may also carry, ourselves, unconscious imprinting and blind spots that leave us prone to missing boundary cues and lacking the knowledge of how to offer loving touch. This is easily repaired and can transform and vitalize your relationships!

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