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Remember what you are made for - to love and be loved


The Beauty of Anger

Most of us have been taught to avoid anger, almost at all costs. And what has it cost us? Our authenticity, our life force etc. Wrapped up in any upset is a beautiful gift. Stop living in fear of anger and step into discovering the beauty, empowerment and health in this important emotion.

I will lead you through an exploration of discernment- getting to know different types of anger, reasons for anger, and importantly, different strategies to be with and cultivate the healing waiting to be tapped. Join me on a 12 week journey to discover the beauty in anger, and recover the life force trapped beyond it. We will explore:

How to access your anger.

The anger that you *don’t* want to bring someone else (or yourself) into -very early bonding trauma and the anger that is out of control, scary, and dangerous

Anger from others that got dumped into and stuck in your own body and techniques to get this released out in a safe, healing way

Anger from boundary violation, or the flip side of the coin -negligence and neglect (rejection, exclusion)

Pure anger that burns out toxicity -how to power up intensity to fill your own inner space back up with YOUR essence

Anger when someone is sweet, doesn’t want to hurt others: little ones, pure hearts, navigating the needs of the inner gentle one

Anger that is extreme grief

Anger from exhaustion, emotional stress, work/lifestyle stress, depletion. -restoring the skills to: rest, reclaiming a humane life, coming back to listening to your own health needs and rhythm

Anger from heavy metal or other toxicity

Anger that IS a call to action. "Don’t declaw the tiger" …when protective force is needed

-the need to get physical with anger

-the need for gentleness

-check your lineage and life history to discover and know the ghosts from the past, where does it (or might it) originate?

-anger as a call for boundaries -getting clear on boundaries, deep listening to self, permission to have needs

-communicating while angry

-apologizing, making repairs when you’ve hurt others with your anger. Ownership, acknowledging, getting adept at mourning when your actions did not meet your needs

-apologizing, making repairs when the anger was not about you or caused by you. Standing in to clean up PAST perpetrators, collective experiences

How do you hold steady in the face of your own anger, and growing your container to hold other's anger, and setting boundaries when you need self-care. Working with resources/archetypes, your nervous system, your own inner wounds

Post care for anger releasing/trauma work.

Somatics, emotions, story - including all 3

Inner little one- was anger allowed? Untangling and releasing shame from anger, claiming right to be angry, healthy anger

Anger from sensory issues or overwhelm


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