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Remember what you are made for - to love and be loved


Listening to your own inner guidance to heal depression

There may be many unseen factors that contribute to depression. One skill that I see is much needed in community is the ability to hold space and listen, without interruption, reaction or influencing the direction of the conversation. When you listen from a place of pure non-judgemental love, it may allow stuck energy, grief, emotions, or other needs to be heard and expressed. And allow the person to come to back into access with their own life force, joy, and motivation. Listening without reaction is not necessarily an easy skill to develop though. We have been trained to react, to carry conversations at a fast back and forth pace, to talk over each other. And to be blind to our own need to be heard, and the skill to ask permission of the other person to hold space to listen to us. This dynamic is created in many ways. One example: daydreaming (which is seen as wasted time but may actually be an important tuning into inner reality, processing soul/heart level experience) in school is punished, getting assignments done and paying attention is rewarded. Feelings and reactions are not spoken about and by default are suppressed. Many times as children, our parents reacted with stress when we expressed emotion and we may even have been punished or exiled ("time out") for expressing. We are not taught how to track our own stress level at the suble level. How to be in touch with our heart's wisdom and voice (which can look and sound very different from the logical brain perspective).

I invite you to join me on a 12 week journey of discovery into one of the pieces of skill needed to have loving, supportive interactions and conversations. The skill of tuning in to your own heart, hearing your heart's perspective, and finding your heart's voice and truth.

Since we have been injured in many small and big ways, and guided even to have resistance or hostility towards our own heart and feelings, this journey likely requires a great deal of support, of tenderness, of help navigating the overwhelming feelings and reactions and also and perhaps most importantly- support to be loved, cherished, celebrated and honored for the strength and beauty of your heart!

We will cover:

- how to track stress responses

- how to slow down reactivity

- illuminating the critical inner voices and messages

- replacing depressing messages with inspiring, nurturing inner voices and attitudes

- different kinds of grief and how to process them gently, without overwhelm

- self care

- why to consider natural supplements to support health

- how to choose the right supplements for you

- working with resistance to change, resistance to vitality

- lifestyle changes that support vitality

- creating a support system for the short and long term

#depression #listeningdeeply #vitality #criticalinnervoice

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