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The Beauty of Anger 12 week class


6:00-8:00pm PST

Join me on a 12 week journey to discover the beauty in anger, and recover the life force trapped beyond it


Most of us have been taught to avoid anger, almost at all costs. And what has it cost us? Our authenticity, our life force and our wellbeing. Wrapped up in any upset is a beautiful gift. Stop living in fear of anger and step into discovering the beauty, empowerment and health in this important emotion.


I will lead you through an exploration of discernment- getting to know different types of anger, root causes of anger, and most importantly, different strategies to be with and cultivate the healing potential in anger. 

Recovering Your Innocence 6 week course


2:00-4:00pm PST

Our connection to our own innocence can be ruptured or impacted by many influences: traumatic events, how gentle or stressed our mother, father, and the larger family system was in the early years of being. (Many parents lacked the eyes to see a child's innocence, or the sensitivity to be present). Many facets of our culture and lifestyle effect this: how men and women treat each other has been lacking sacred attunement. Our bodies, even from in utero, can be impacted by stress patterns, leaving the body tense and the heart blocked to connecting to our own gentleness, tenderness, and innocence. From the hurts we suffer in life that go untended, we can build a hard shell- bitterness, disillusionment, depression or aggression can all block and be in opposition against our own inner (and outer) connection to one of the most valuable resources we have: innocence.   Pulling together skills from multiple fields, including neurobiology, meditation, somatic (body) wisdom, trauma release, the impact of birth and postpartum on our body and personality, and inner parts dialogue, I will guide you to find your way back to your original softness. Innocence is a profound resource, one of our greatest allies, profoundly changes our experience of nurturing and closeness in relationships, and is much needed in the world today! Innocence inspires us to take action and can carry us through the most challenging of times.

Healing power of sound and movement


9:00 am PST drop in

Sound and movement are one of the most natural and always available resources we have to clear stress, open to joy, calm, energize and deeply listen to the messages our body, mind, and spirit are trying to communicate! Yet, throughout our lifetime we have been taught to suppress, ignore or even lash out against our own innate impulses. Come and re-discover the joy and freedom of being in connection to your own inner wisdom. Through supported deep, quiet listening and active experimentation, we will take a journey through sound and movement to come back home - to a sense of inner peace, to feeling lit up from the inside, and to immediate feedback on what is needed for wellbeing and thriving!

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